Chambres d’Hôtes Web Design

Chambres d’Hôtes Web Design

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When preparing to open a Chambre d’Hotes, most owners will think of every detail to get their rooms looking perfect and feeling comfortable for their guests. New linens for the beds, comfortable chairs, art for the walls and accent pieces around the room. Even the bathrooms will look beautiful and clean.

But there is one thing that many hosts will forget; a beautiful website to compliment their efforts. A Chambre d’Hotes website should require as much time and effort to design and create as decorating any room.

A professional website is usually the first image a traveller will see about a Chambre d’Hôtes. It is the first facade travellers will see and remember, so it is necessary to make it memorable. A professionally designed site by MonkKeys will communicate this value by allowing customers to see individual rooms, surrounding areas, and local attractions.

Most travellers spend on average 20 minutes searching for lodging at each location of their trip. This includes searching for the best rates, but also the best value. Many are willing to stay up to 20km away from their attraction if they feel they will be more comfortable during their stay.

Our sites usually pay for themselves within the first year, by helping to attract more travellers to your Chambre d’Hotes. You can recuperate your costs from a simple professional web design from MonkKeys by increasing bookings and also making it easier for travellers to find you.

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